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We are The Disruption® Company.

If you’re not disrupting, you’re conforming. If you’re conforming, you’re going unnoticed.

So we disrupt.

Disruption is our starting point and our guiding light. It’s a unique TBWA way of thinking. A proven, successful, collaborative business tool that helps us forge a unique path for the growth of our clients’ brands. It’s the art of asking unexpected questions in order to get to a place nobody else has discovered. Ask the same old questions, you get the same old answers. And old gets you nowhere.

The status quo is there to be upset. Let’s upset it. Let’s disrupt it.





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Sandie Dilger's cultural "cliff notes" for brands

In the face of cultural complexity, our cultural intelligence unit here at TBWA, Backslash, recently launched their 2023 Edges as a way to codify the chaos and map out a strategic blueprint for the future. Acting as her cultural “cliff notes”, our CSO, Sandie Dilger, shares her five key takeaways for brands as we look to start planning for 2024.

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Can Tech Rewrite Its Wrongs?

TBWA's cultural intelligence unit, Backslash, released a global study examining society’s complex relationship with technology. According to global Backslash research, the majority (52%) of people are concerned about the direction new technology is headed. Backslash's zine confronts this growing techlash head-on and asks: “Can Tech Rewrite Its Wrongs?” More than an observational report, the zine outlines clear opportunities for businesses to get on the right side of tech’s history.

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Backslash 2023 Edges

In a time where cultural shifts play a key role in a brands ability to disrupt their categories, it has never been more important for organisations to have their fingers on the pulse of culture. More than a trend report, Edges are defined as meaningful cultural shifts. In the face of cultural complexity, Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit powered by the global TBWA collective, offers Edges as a way to codify the chaos and map out a strategic blueprint for the future.