Inspiring connectivity and togetherness for an iconic global brand: McDonalds

Our latest interior concept for McDonalds — Luna — is a playful, shareable environment that embodies a sense of connectivity and togetherness in a refreshed, contemporary expression of the brand, without compromising efficiency, durability or cost-effectiveness. 

McDonald's Shanghai, China

Inspired by the circle as a symbol of inclusivity, unity and togetherness, we developed a unique design language for McDonald’s that breaks expectations of traditional décor; incorporating innovative semi-circular seating typologies, which allow people to come together in the round. Stools and free-seating encourage diners to shape their own flexible experience, while layers of partitions and inviting 'full-moon’ windows create transparency throughout the space, revealing the communal environment and connecting adjacent groups of diners.

McDonald's Tiel, Netherlands

McDonald's Tiel, Netherlands

Connecting is more important today than ever before. We continuously share moments of our lives with friends and family and search to connect with the world around us in meaningful ways. Luna embodies a sense of connectivity and togetherness, without compromising efficiency, durability or cost-effectiveness. The way the concept brings these together with new interior architecture, graphic elements and materiality using iconic circular shapes is a refreshed, contemporary expression of the brand that still feels very much grounded in McDonald's familiar and much-loved brand language

George Gottl, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of UXUS

McDonald's Shanghai, China

To amplify a sense of discovery, we applied a new approach to materiality, colour and texture. Wooden finishes, textured vinyl upholstery, perforated steel and concrete-look laminate come together to create an immersive environment that engages the senses. Whilst lighting incorporating the curved shape language, lluminated surfaces and down-lit walls create depth and a warm, welcoming environment.

The interior also features a playful take on McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches, with arch-inspired stools, bold graphics and lighting which reimagine iconic branded elements in surprising and unexpected ways.

We continually have our customers top of mind when we design spaces for them to come together to dine. Enjoying a meal with friends, family or colleagues is perhaps the most social of events and creating environments that can make that experience easy, convenient, safe and rewarding is what we constantly strive to achieve. Luna, as developed with UXUS, ticks those boxes and it is a concept we are starting to scale around the world.

Stephen Douglas, Corp VP - Design & Restaurant Development, McDonald's

Inspired by unity, embraced globally

Initially developed for the Chinese market, the Luna concept was so successful it is now being rolled out globally.


Inspiring connectivity and togetherness for an iconic global brand: McDonalds

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