IKEA - Making Life At Home Easier, Happier And Greener

Before COVID-19, home only used to be the space where we returned to recharge after a busy day. We used to have many Third Space options to help bring balance to our lives: from their cafes, to gyms, and clubs.

But after COVID-19 hit the world, we were suddenly forced to stay at home...all the time. In an instant, the entirety of our activities were folded into a single space, turning our homes into a place to work, socialize and recharge all at once. This whole new set of constraints changed our relationship with our sanctuary, with damaging consequences on our mental and emotional health.

As part of their sustainability focus, IKEA wanted to help the many people connect with their home and give them ways to improve home life by making it easier, happier and greener.


Every home is a combination of routine and chaos - even more today as homes have had to become so many things and serve so many needs. So how do we keep things in harmony? How do we remain sane and balanced?

Instead of shying away from lockdown, we drew inspiration from it by showcasing the interdependency between families and their homes, and demonstrating how IKEA’s products can help create wellbeing and keep life in tempo. Because at the heart of a harmonious home is an invisible beat that drives the way we live.

The result: a positive ode to our new normal with an emphasis on the sustainability of IKEA’s products, inviting people to improve the way they live by finding a greener rhythm.


IKEA - Making Life At Home Easier, Happier And Greener

We partnered with Ikea to help people find the beauty in lockdown life by celebrating the joy that comes with making our houses our homes, while giving our audience the tools to do it the green way.

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