Andrew Trotman

Chief Executive Officer Komi Group


As CEO, Andrew provides a strategic approach and identifies areas of growth within the business. He is incredibly involved in the day to day, specifically in the delivery of services with clients and keeping a keen eye on the quality of Komi’s projects. Andrew instills the ideology of doing things the right way as opposed to the traditional way.

He launched Komi Group in 2016 – previously named Its Gone Viral, originally set out to be a publishing firm working for inbound clients interested in creative industries. Komi has now gone on to reach around one billion people a month through their own organic media brands. Andrews biggest aim for KOMI is to become a full-service solution for their brand or client, which the company is working toward with their Komi 25 plan, a companywide ambition that sets out goals to intended to achieve by 2025.

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