Ben Essen

Chief Strategy Officer Iris


As Chief Strategy Officer, Ben leads a diverse team of strategists across 17 offices for global creative innovation network, Iris. Ben is responsible for strategy and planning, helping some of the world’s most exciting brands like Samsung, adidas and KFC to take a bold leap forward and reimagine how they connect with people and culture. In his time at Iris, Ben has worked side by side with CMOs to change their approach to marketing, spent weeks in the field trying to unlock the insights that will drive truly breakthrough work, produced global intelligence studies outlining the new marketing fundamentals and been a driving force behind Iris' uniquely 'For the Forward' culture. He is now on a mission to turn consumers back into citizens.

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Marketing’s role in the race to Net Zero

By Ben Essen

Ben Essen, Chief Strategy Officer at Iris explores the vital role marketing can play in sustainability responsibility, from measurement to customer engagement.

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Create and Strike: What did we learn?

By Ben Essen

Ben Essen, Chief Strategy Officer at Iris and one of the founding members of the industry's Create and Strike movement outlines what the last year has taught him, and what needs to happen as we go into the next.

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Thought Leadership

Meet the Forward: When the best creativity is invisible, how can we learn from it?

By Ben Essen

We need to stop fixating on the tip of the iceberg and understand the power of creativity below the brand’s surface. Because often it’s the invisible interventions and minutiae of creative craft that make the biggest difference.

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