Fuel Your Imagination

Hotel Indigo explores the world’s neighbourhoods

The campaign, created by Anomaly, encourages audiences to explore new destinations

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Capitalising on the power of wanderlust, curiosity and exploration, Hotel Indigo’s latest campaign encourages audiences to get out and explore new neighbourhoods.

The new campaign entitled, ‘The World’s Neighbourhood Hotel’, positions Hotel Indigo in the heart of the action, showcasing it to be in the midst of some of the world’s most culturally rich neighbourhoods. The campaign champions travelling in a way that engages in ‘the neighbourhood’, places filled with hidden gems where travellers can be inspired. A campaign film, created with the help of Anomaly, shows it to be a way of travelling that allows for cultural exchange and offers new perspective.

Research from Hotel Indigo finds that 73% of people feel it is important for the hotel they stay in while travelling to be connected to the local neighbourhood as it can inspire more adventurous activities, the desire to try new things and meet new people. The campaign uses this insight as a launch pad building on the idea of broadening people’s perspective of the world and fully immersing oneself in a place for cultural exchange.

A hero film brings this notion to life through a range of footage showing different Hotel Indigo hotels in the midst of the action in various locations. Audiences are shown tourists out in the neighbourhoods, making friends, sharing experiences and getting immersed in the local culture. A voiceover explains the brand’s definition of ‘neighbourhood’, a place where ‘life comes alive and art thrives’ and reinforces the fact that Hotel Indigo has a range of locations within different neighbourhoods.

“We wanted this campaign to be a journey of discovery and wonderment.” says Chloe Banicevic, Creative Director at Anomaly, “The creative captures the real culture and emotion behind the neighbourhoods featured in a soul-stirring way. We wove in iconic sights and sounds as well as people living, connecting, and seeking out incredible things and hidden gems. Because we wanted it to be more than just an homage to the neighbourhood, we wanted it to be an invitation to come and experience it for yourself.” 


This is also brought to life in Hotel Indigo’s proposition through the likes of a unique selection of vinyl Shibuya-Kei records in each guestroom at Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya or infused elements reminiscent of Old Hollywood at Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown.

Despite being an international media campaign, The World’s Neighbourhood Hotel has been designed to maximise appeal to consumers on a local level.. Images and videos have been personalised to explorers and will appear online, in advanced television, digital out-of-home placements, and on brand social channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

In a time when consumers are seeking value and high-quality experiences, Hotel Indigo is able to capture the imagination by showcasing culture, awakening the traveller within audiences through a desire for escapism.