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ITV puts all eyes on Big Brother launch

To celebrate the new series launch, ITV brings Big Brother into the real world

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


To celebrate the landmark return of the infamous social experiment, ITV has launched a campaign that brings Big Brother into the real world.

Ahead of the show's launch on Sunday (8th) on ITV, the new campaign, ‘Big Brother sees it all’ drops the all-seeing character out in various locations via different platforms bringing to life the idea that Big Brother is always watching.

The creative campaign celebrates the quirks of human behaviour from the mundane to the exciting and embarrassing, to show that Big Brother sees all.

Beginning with a series of promotions that star new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best while the iconic Geordie voice of Big Brother narrates over scenes of the pair, the campaign has now extended out into the real world to interact with viewers.

Making use of Radio, Out Of Home, Spotify and Social including TikTok and Twitch, the campaign reaches viewers through different platforms with suitable creative executions.

The OOH element of the campaign makes use of the iconic Big Brother eye and aims to create ‘eye-catching’ Big Brother moments in the real world. Large motion format displays showcasing curious human eyes darting around and taking in everything in the nearby environment. Static versions of the curious eyes have also been deployed across 1,000 different sites.

The campaign also features out-of-home executions that make contextual observations about the places they are situated in. For example, in a partnership with Pure Gyms, mirror stickers have been created with messages such as ‘Big Brother sees you having a cheeky flex when you catch your reflection’. Changing room vinyls and toilet door posters have also been placed in situ within 25 gyms in cities across the UK with similar mischievous acute observations. 

The cheeky executions and observations continue across platforms with a partnership with Deliveroo utilising on-app adverts combined with flyers and rider digital screens to tap into identifiable behaviours associated with ordering food. One such in-app creative reads: ‘Big Brother sees you double checking your rider's location every 5 minutes.’

The clever media buying and executions also extend to Big Brother beer mats which appear in 120 independent pubs across the UK spotting the funny things people might do while going out for a drink. As well as in TikTok and audio ads which make use of Marcus Bentley’s signature Geordie tones.

Media planning and buying was handled by EssenceMediacomX. The extensive media strategy aims to truly maximise reach to reinforce the idea that Big Brother is everywhere.

“The ambition of the campaign is for Big Brother’s all seeing eye to infiltrate everyday life in a bold, noisy, humorous and shareable way through multiple tactical, and often surprising, touchpoints - generating as much talkability as possible ahead of the biggest and most anticipated launch of the year,” says Jane Stiller, Chief Marketing Officer ITV.

Big Brother will launch on Sunday and will be followed each night by Big Brother: Late & Live hosted live by AJ Odudu and Will Best from the site of the Big Brother house in front of a studio audience giving viewers an additional hour of exclusive Big Brother content. The iconic Big Brother: Live Stream also makes its return to screens, airing seven nights a week exclusively on ITVX.

Harking back to the success of series’ past, the campaign builds on the iconic Big Brother branding and aims to maximise on the elements of the show that truly resonate with audiences. Savvy media strategy combined with cheeky creative executions bring to life the spirit of the show and build up anticipation at scale.

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