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Lego installation brings to life the power of play

Amplify New York has created an immersive installation inspired by children’s ideas with the help of artist Hebru Brantley

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


The Lego group has teamed up with artist Hebru Brantley to create ‘Fly Away Isles’, a new immersive play installation in the heart of West Harlem inspired by the imagination of some of the community's most creative minds; children.  

‘Fly Away Isles’ is inspired by the playful imaginations of local children from the non-profit youth development organisation, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis). To get inspiration for the installation, Hebru and the Lego Group invited the children to use bricks to build and share their ideas for how they would help their community play more. 

When children are given the freedom to express their ideas, they develop skills like creativity and confidence that are crucial in navigating today’s complex world

Jason Warwin, Co-Founder of BroSis

With campaign research finding that a third of parents (29%) in the U.S. say they don’t play enough as a family and 82% of children living in New York wishing for more play, the installation serves as a reminder to adults and children alike what imagination can achieve.

From a rocket soaring through clouds to pyramids inspired by volcanos and stepping-stones that hop between colourful islands, Hebru captured the creative optimism and ideas of the children to turn their dreams into a reality. The accessible, inclusive, and creative space takes visitors on a journey through the world built by the children’s ideas. 


The creative concept was conceived by Amplify who built the playspace. Alex Wilson, ECD, Amplify said "tapping directly into the imagination of children is what The LEGO™ Group has been about for 90 years. And when you combine that imagination with the creative vision of Hebru Brantley to build an original playspace for the community of West Harlem, you get a playful, joyful and important legacy for generations to come."

Hebru was selected to help bring the installation to life as an artist known for his use of colour and a playful artistic approach to address important themes around nostalgia, power and hope. As well as a range of exciting play activities, the installation includes Hebru's first mural in New York.

LEGO prides itself in being a platform for creative expression, providing the tools for children to build anything they can imagine. In the company’s 90th year, the brand is celebrating the creativity of children, inspiring them to imagine a better world and showing how playing with Lego can help them develop the skills they need to be successful in it. 

“When children are given the freedom to express their ideas, they develop skills like creativity and confidence that are crucial in navigating today’s complex world,” said Jason Warwin, Co-Founder of BroSis.

Fly Away Isles opens in Johnny Hartman Plaza, 140 Hamilton Place, New York, on the Lego brand’s 90th anniversary and will be open to the public until 5th November 2022, with the mural displayed until July 2023. 

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