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Vulva Therapy tackles stigmas head on

The campaign for Luna Daily from JOAN London faces stigmas around the word ‘vulva’ head-on to promote female health and pleasure

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


As part of a mission to normalise and destigmatise the word ‘vulva’, Joan London and challenger body care start-up, Luna Daily, have created an eye-catching campaign that forces audiences to face the word head-on.

The campaign aims to shake up the feminine hygiene category and eliminate the stigma and shame around the word ‘vulva’. Stigma and shame are resulting in miseducation around the female body and research from Luna Daily found women are more embarrassed talking about their vulva than how much they earn. ‘Vulva silence’ is also causing health issues as one in three women do not attend routine cervical screenings due to embarrassment. With cervical cancer being the leading cause of cancer in women under the age of 45 and is 99.6% preventable through screening, the stigma around the word ‘vulva’ is quite literally life threatening.

The campaign, ‘Vulva Therapy’ aims to break down these stigmas, with a creative campaign that places the word front and center, loud and proud on billboards and posters, along with a ‘vulva hotline’ created in partnership with celebrity psychotherapist expert, Annabelle Knight.

The free ‘vulva hotline’ sees Knight utilise exposure therapy as a method to tackle the stigma and force consumers to face up to the uncomfortableness with the word.

To drive people to the hotline and raise awareness around the societal issue with the word, the supporting creative campaign also makes use of exposure therapy. Bold, typography focused creative artworks feature the word ‘VULVA’ as large as possible. The executions run for two weeks across the UK and USA in high-impact out-of-home areas. The creative also has also been turned into posters and spread across cities to avoid any stigma from media owners who may reject such bold creative.

Alongside this, a global influencer activation, merchandising campaign, PR and social media executions have been created to drive talkability. The campaign aims to get the word ‘vulva’ out into the world as much as possible in a bold and affronting way across as many channels as possible.

Luna Daily is on a mission to confront the shame and discomfort associated with the vulva born from founder Katy Cottam’s personal experiences of using feminine hygiene products that came with a “what’s wrong with her” stigmatisation.

"We're not just challenging the status quo; we're redefining how society views the word 'vulva' and our bodies. This campaign embodies our mission to empower women and promote open, unapologetic conversations about our bodies. It's about time that the vulva is celebrated as a natural and integral part of who we are." says Katy Cottam, Founder of Luna Daily.

The campaign's central theme is to normalise the word 'vulva' much like any other body part, like in Luna Daily's tagline, ‘Head, Vulva, Knees and Toes’. Where Luna Daily specialises in microbiome-balancing body care suitable for all skin types, including the most intimate, revolutionising the outdated intimate care category and therefore destigmatising vulva health is paramount. The products launched in Boots stores across the UK last month and are already stocked in Sephora in the US and the UK.

By forcing audiences to face stigma head-on, Luna Daily and Joan London unapologetically push women’s health and wellbeing front and centre.

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