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Too old, too young, just right

Tag Warner, CEO of GAY TIMES and Anna Dalziel, Founder of 40 Over Forty explore how the industry’s obsession with age is undermining progress.


The dual narrative at the heart of the conversation about ageism is that, on the one hand, the industry fetishes youth but doesn’t want to listen to their voices whilst simultaneously ostracising those over the age of 35 to the point where many are forced out of the industry altogether. So, too old or too young, but what is just right?

Anna Dalziel, Founder of 40 Over Forty and Director of Brand at Momentum Worldwide and Tag Warner, CEO of GAY TIMES joined Izzy Ashton, Deputy Editor at BITE to explore how the industry’s obsession with age is undermining progress, highlighting the dangers of pervasive stereotypes, shifting the narrative and empowering communities to speak up rather than be spoken for.



Izzy Ashton | BITE

Deputy Editor



Tag Warner | GAY TIMES


Anna Dalziel | 40 Over Forty/Momentum Worldwide

Founder/Director of Brand

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