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Threads opens up new opportunities for small businesses

The new social media app has achieved record levels of engagement and gives businesses a new direct line to reach consumers

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


In just seven hours, Meta’s latest social media app, Threads managed to surpass 10 million users. With Twitter seemingly losing popularity with every move Elon Musk makes, the appetite for a new opinion-based social media service is at an all-time high.

Capitalising on this unique moment in time, Mark Zuckerberg app presents individuals and businesses alike with new opportunities to connect, engage and be a part of a new social media movement.

Where it took Twitter much longer to reach the same audience milestone, the ability to transfer over existing Instagram followers makes Threads an extremely appealing prospect. Below are some tips and insights shared by Jon Morgan CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter around how small businesses can be using Threads to maintain a competitive edge.

Maintaining Engagement

Customers love to be listened to and share their opinions. Social media has brought audiences closer to brands and so finding a place to communicate with customers helps facilitate a two-way relationship. Threads is a great place for brands to build a rapport with consumers and connect with them where they are.

Building Brand Awareness

For small businesses being present and visible is everything. Threads’ ready-made audience makes it a great place for organisations to show up. Be it with company updates, product announcements, marketing campaigns or simply to share opinions, having a platform to amplify a company's voice is invaluable, especially for smaller businesses. The most present a company is, the more top of mind it will be for consumers when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Where currently Threads is the hot new thing, companies have a great opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and excitement of something new. Combine this with the ready made Meta audience and the opportunity is two fold.

Extending the opportunities

Beyond awareness and engagement, Threads also offers further opportunities by way of networking or market research. In terms of market research, the app allows businesses to keep an eye on competitors and take stock. For networking, it has the ability to connect businesses with one another or collaborate with influencers and partners. The platform is also a potential way for companies to recruit new staff or promote internal activity.

While on the surface Threads might seem a little like Twitter 2.0, the savvy launch and Instagram affiliation make it a platform not to be missed with opportunities that for small businesses are simply too good to pass on.

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