Driven By Data

How a creative use of data can motivate your customers

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


This is no trend for the weak. Be prepared to get personal and go faster, harder and longer than ever before. Are you in?

Developments in mobile and wearable tech are helping consumers to record, save, track, and monitor activities from the kilometres we run, to the food we eat and the money we spend. We become invested in our chosen devices and applications, willing to give up personal data in exchange for education, inspiration and motivation.

Personal data is a powerful commodity. Smart brands are finding new ways to work with technology, with the aim of inspiring an increased level of customer engagement. We’re seeing more brands using data as a catalyst for creativity, a way of forging new conversations and brand loyalty.

Nike+ inspired a new generation of personal fitness tools. At the end of 2014 they combined individual Nike+ data with animations by illustrator McBess to create 100,000 personalised films for its users. The campaign, created by AKQA, offered a recap of 2014 achievements and inspiration for training in the new year.

It’s an example of traditional craft being used in combination with data to strengthen the brand message and customer relationship.

Data has not killed creativity, it has only broadened its horizons. More brands are using data to inspire some of their most engaging, personal and motivational campaigns.

Read on for examples…

Lucozade Prove They Can Hydrate In The Jungle

Lucozade Sport needed to rebuild their credibility within the sports drinks category by demonstrating the truth of the product benefits. The FIFA World Cup in Brazil was the perfect opportunity.

The Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone was a unique, state of the art, 5-a-side football and sports science venue that replicated the searing 32-degree heat and 76% humidity jungle conditions that the England team faced.

Lucozade is designed to rehydrate and refuel athletes to help maintain peak performance, this would be the perfect product test.

Data from thousands of players was analysed before, during and after the games: Hydration levels, heart rate, core body temperature, sweat lost and distance run. They could access their stats at any time via special interactive screens, compare them with other players and teams or share them directly to social networks. The data enables players to see the difference Lucozade Sport made to their performance. This prompted 300,000 brand interactions and helped bring hydration and the science of Lucozade Sport to the heart of the conversation.

Agency: Grey London, London

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increase in sales

The Pursuit By Exqinox Is One. Wild. Ride.

Premium fitness club Equinox uses in-studio data to create an immersive cycling experience for their members. Each bike is connected to its rider and generates over 500,000 data records in every class. These are visualised on interactive studio screens in real-time and can be downloaded to the riders’ personal activity webpage or smartphone app. This visualisation of data helps to motivate and inspire participants and creates a personal connection to the Equinox brand.

Agency: R/GA London, London

Spotify Predict The Mood Of The Nation

Spotify analysed live streamed data from six cities in the UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester. From the data they determined which city was the happiest, saddest, ready to party or ready to cry. A digital outdoor campaign broadcast live results to each city’s main train station and a bespoke playlist could be downloaded straight to a smartphone.

Agency: Brothers and Sisters

A Vending Machine Accepts Nikefuel For Nike Gear

Fuel Box allows athletes to turn NikeFuel into Nike gear by connecting their bands to the machine and selecting a product based on their NikeFuel score. The machine was deployed to surprise locations around NYC for 24 hours and Nike fans could follow NikeNYC on Twitter for clues about where to find it each day. The more they moved, the more products they could unlock. The activation relied solely on organic social media posts to spread the word and resulted in 64 million impressions.

Agency: Huge NYC

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