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Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Watson never forgets details or blurs the facts. Watson can think faster and work longer. Watson is not human. Watson is a cognitive system built by IBM to mirror the human decision-making process: Observe, interpret, evaluate and decide. The technology analyses structured data alongside information produced by humans for humans, like Tweets. For brands it can overlap complex variables like consumer trends, demographics and seasonality, to find new patterns and help anticipate the needs of their customers.

Anticipatory Design is a term coined by agency Huge’s CEO Aaron Shapiro. He describes this as the “creation of products, services, and experiences that eliminate the needless choices from our lives and make ones on our behalf, freeing us up for the ones we really care about”. He cites Amazon Recommends and Netflix Top Picks as the beginning stages, brands that suggest products based on previous purchase habits. Smart products have already started to learn and adapt to our behaviour. Nest is continually growing the list of brands able to connect through their software. Products include lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars.

They can all learn from one another and work together in the most efficient way for the homeowner. It starts to get really exciting when we apply the same principles of behavioural learning on a global scale, the whole world can become more efficient and produce less waste. There is a fundamental role here for companies like Facebook, who over the past 10 years have been gathering personal data from more than one billion people around the world. Combined with developments in new cognitive technology, they have the information to revolutionise entire industries.

Read on for examples…

Hellmann’s Use Ibeacons To Offer Dinner Inspiration

Following on from the success of Recipie Receipt Hellmann’s wanted to continue to inspire their customers with useful dinner time ideas at the point of purchase. They knew that at around 4:00 pm, 48% of people in the US often turned to the supermarket for inspiration.

The brand wanted to reach consumers in the aisles as they were looking for ideas and provide them with simple, delicious and seasonally appropriate recipes from a trusted source.

The campaign leveraged iBeacon technology, enabling Hellmann’s to push targeted dinner recipies through the Epicurious food app.

Engagement with the in-store campaign broke typical brand benchmarks, with click-through rates over 25 times higher than normal. In conjunction with other marketing activities, Hellmann’s was able to raise awareness of its product as a versatile ingredient by 5%.

The brand increased its dollar share by nearly a full percentage point in a $2 billion industry.

Agency: Mindshare US

higher click-through rates
increase in product awareness

The National Trust Alert Us To Hidden City Gems

As part of their member retention strategy The National Trust developed an app that aims to show members there’s always something new to discover.

The app delivers inspirational content that helps users plan their trip. A key feature is the geofencing, which welcomes users to National Trust destinations as they arrive, prompting them to switch to a ‘visit’ mode that helps them to make the most of their day. The same technology can also alert users of National Trust buildings as they explore a city, encouraging them to discover new attractions and gain a deeper insight into the history.

Agency: Digitas, London

Momondo Turn Travel Into An Impulse Purchase

Drooling over a Pinterest post of street food in Singapore – double click – Go!

Momondo, a Danish flight search engine, saw a chance to change the way the whole category works and make flight search more spontaneous.

ClickTwo Travel is a browser extension that allows all internet users to find a flight just by double clicking on a place name or trigger word anywhere on a webpage. Reading about romance – double click – Go to Paris!

Agency: McCann London

Huge Café Anticipates Your Coffee Needs

In September agency Huge opened its own public coffee shop in Atlanta. Part retail business, part test lab for future retail experiences, Huge Café is a public facing extension of the agency brand. Customers can place an order through an app, staff get a vibration on their wrist, they’ll see the person’s face and the order. Technology leverages their proximity so the coffee is perfect right as they walk in the door. The goal is to anticipate people’s needs and wants, so the coffee shop can prompt rather than the customer opening up the application.

Agency: Huge Atlanta

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