KFC sticks to what it does best in Christmas campaign

Mother London’s latest campaign for fast food giant says chicken beats turkey at Christmas

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Despite cries for turkey at Christmas time, KFC is sticking to what it does best; chicken.

To mark the launch of the fast-food retailers' Christmas offering, the ‘Stuffing Stacker’, the brand has launched a tongue-in-cheek festive campaign that pokes fun at the suggestion of turkey over chicken.

The campaign film, created by Mother London, features a chef in a cosy kitchen during winter time preparing KFC’s new Christmas burger. While the chef makes the meal next to him, the audience's social posts appear. Each post urges KFC to create a turkey burger for Christmas. From one tweet asking the fast food giant when it’s going to do turkey at Christmas, to suggesting a ‘KFT’, the demand for turkey is clear.

While the chef prepares the meal next to these pleas for turkey, the audience might be fooled to believe that he is taking into account the suggestions and making a burger with turkey. However, the spot ends with the burger being stacked, with chicken and stuffing. The campaign line reads: ‘We saw you. We heard you. And we ignored you. We’re sticking with chicken.’

“Customers are always right, but not when it comes to switching out chicken for turkey. We thank them for their input, but we’ll stick with the poultry we know and love.” says Kate Wall, Strategy and Innovation Director at KFC.

KFC has been making chicken for more than 70 years, so despite audience pleas, the brand is sticking with what it does best. Instead of caving to pressure, the fast food retailer is sticking by the ‘C’ in its name and launching a Christmas burger made up of two chicken fillets plus spicy cranberry sauce and a sage and onion stuffing patty.

The light-hearted spot gives a nod to the customers and their desires while sticking with the cheeky brand values. There’s no T in KFC.


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