Rest up and power forward

Nina Stephenson-Camps offers some hints and tips about how you can pause, reflect and integrate growth into your daily life.

Nina Stephenson-Camps

Mindset Coach


2020 was a mega year. Every single person experienced highs and invariable lows as is the case when we are served any type of curve ball. There is a tendency however to run as fast as possible from the end of a challenging experience.

Sometimes just by thinking about the situation in question can cause a wave of anxiety and frustration. It could be having to inform treasured team members they have been made redundant, experiencing redundancy yourself, the stress of juggling home-schooling with writing a pitch deck, a client slashing a budget by 30% and that’s just work. What about the impact on your personal life? Not being able to socialise, see friends and family, holidays and moving through life with ease all takes its impact.

Wanting to leave 2020 behind and indeed any past uncomfortable experiences, is perfectly natural. However, what if I told you there was a way to take these experiences and integrate them, so they enable you to level up, so you actually benefit from them?

Our thoughts inform our behaviour, and our behaviour creates our experiences.

Nina Stephenson-Camps

Next level power up

This is where I come in. As a Mindset Coach with a background in marketing and comms, I’ve created a first to market Integrating Growth interactive workshop. Think of it as a next level power up where participants will be taken through a series of unique steps, baked in performance coaching and mindfulness techniques, so they can pause, reflect, integrate and move forward.

Workshops are one hour where I’ll guide attendees to safely look at their past experiences face on, and ask thought provoking, performance coaching questions to enable them to unlock the benefits of those situations. They’ll practice potent, short mindfulness practices which are themed on typical experiences and thought processes while at work, must-haves for your mindset toolbox. I’ll also be sharing mindset hacks so attendees can reset their day along with journaling to help deepen the integration.

Participants get to practice the techniques for themselves which they can draw upon these for years to come. There's also the option to include a themed guided meditation audio bundle too. It’s basically the ultimate bounce back tool.

The result? Quality seekers who can tap into their emotional intelligence and have the confidence to pause, reflect and move forward with focus, grace and ease.

The Integrating Growth container enables participants to truly embrace an attitude of ‘life is only 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it.’

Guest Author

Nina Stephenson-Camps

Mindset Coach,


With over 20 years’ experience working in the marketing and comms industry working with Nestle, P&G, Unilever, Diageo and Ford motor company for organisations including Google Cloud, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Ketchum and Golin, Nina understands pressure and the brain power required to successfully manage unexpected curve balls and remain calm while do so. She’s taken those experiences and as Mindset Coach, devised techniques and approaches, which she shares through workshops, private coaching and themed mindfulness audio bundles, to enable her clients to move through their day with focus, grace and ease.

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