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Building Culturally Relevant Brands in 2024



Creativebrief hosted a breakfast event in collaboration with Exposure, featuring William Grant & Sons and CultureLab on Wednesday 3rd July.

Charlie Carpenter, Creativebrief CEO, was joined by Raoul Shah, Joint Founder and CEO of Exposure, Sophie More, Global Director of Digital, Marketing, Media and Communications at William Grant, and Jed Hallam, the founder and CEO of CultureLab, to offer their expert opinions as part of a panel discussion.

Answering the key question ‘what does it really mean to build a culturally relevant brand in 2024?’ the panel discussed who is successfully achieving this and how they are going about the notoriously challenging task.

Discussing why the ‘c’ word has become the word of the moment, and what does it really mean when it comes to brand building, the panel delved into how to resonate with consumers, the role of music, entertainment, sport, fashion, art, etc. in building brands with cultural relevance, and the role of new tools available to modern marketers in this space.

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Discover more examples, case studies and thought leadership all around building culturally relevant brands in 2024. 

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Raoul Shah, CEO at Exposure, gives examples of how to build culturally relevant brands with the team around you.

You don’t have to have ‘cool kids’ inside

Raoul Shah, CEO at Exposure

He gives the example of how Lego returned to their playful roots where ‘anything is possible’ and ‘imagination is the only barrier’, building a culture marketing team over the last 5 years and leaning on third-party partners to help them navigate their way through this process.

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Thought Leadership

‘Culture marketing is marketing’

By Georgie Moreton

Industry leaders from William Grant & Sons, Exposure and CultureLabs share tips on how to build a culture-first brand.

Sophie More, Global Director at William Grant & Sons gives advice on how to play in culture by thinking about what your consumers really care about, how they live their lives, their values and their beliefs - telling us to get out there in order to succeed.

Jed Hallam, CEO at CultureLab, talks about how things built over time can be more relevant to culture. He champions more long-term thinking and warns against chasing the high of a viral moment, using Red Bull’s brand platform as an example of this.

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