Our latest report - The future for brands and sustainability



David Attenborough has said that saving our planet is now a communications challenge.

This viewpoint is something we wholeheartedly agree with and led us to focus our latest report not on the industry, but the planet. To ask what the role for marketing in driving the sustainability agenda is.

To get an accurate indication of where attitudes and frustrations lie, we surveyed over 50 senior marketers from an array of brands that include Samsung, TUI, Fever-Tree, Ford, Renault and British Gas.

You'll also find three brilliant articles from Peter Zillig (Head of Marketing for Ford of Europe) and Karen Fraser MBE, as well as from our own CEO Charlie Carpenter.

Featured in Marketing Week and Marcomm news, you can download our report for free below.

Download 'The future for brands and sustainability' report

It’s fair to say that despite the horrors of 2020, lockdowns caused by the pandemic forced the benefits of a globally co-ordinated, environmentally-conscious future into a sharper focus than ever before.

Charlie Carpenter

The automotive industry might not be the first place you'd look to for sustainability, but within that assumption lies the responsibility resting on their shoulders. Peter Zillig writes in oure report about what Ford is doing differently and how the auto industry can conversely be the drivers of change; not the problem makers. 

Whilst Karen Fraser MBE writes about the necessity to place trust at the heart of sustainability and how we need to wise up to the face that your average consumer can't be fooled.

With COP26 happening in Glasgow this November, now is the time for the indsutry and individuals to start taking climate change and sustainability seriously. Download our latest report and ensure you're clued up on the topics that count.

Download 'The future for brands and sustainability' report


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