Periods are still shrouded in shame, largely invisible in culture making them seem everything but normal. Along with Bodyform we wanted to change that. We wanted to represent periods and period blood as a normal part of women’s lives, and make it a positive element in mainstream culture.

Our objective wasn’t to be different, but to be normal.

To do that we needed to shift culture, we had to get people talking and go beyond paid media channels. 


Introducing #bloodnormal, a multimedia campaign with a powerful film at its heart, like a love letter to women, showing what periods should be like in a normal world.

This campaign was the first ever to show real blood as opposed to water dyed blue in an advertising film.


We launched a range of initiatives including lingerie, a graphic novel, a pad shaped swimming pool lilo and a film bursary all aimed at turning menstruation into a positive aspect of mainstream culture. The campaign attracted immediate attention in the media, and was widely supported. 

ROI per £1 spent
Women wanted to buy the brand after seeing the ad
of Essity employees felt proud to work for the brand

This is about more than advertising. Making periods visible is good for your health.

The Guardian,



We led a revolution against period taboos, representing periods and period blood as a normal part of women’s lives - no longer something shrouded in shame.


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