The Problem

67% of British Muslims feel misrepresented and portrayed in a negative light in the media, according to research from The Unmistakables. As the nation’s biggest supermarket, Tesco’s purpose is all about serving the nation’s communities a little better every day. Here was a clear area where we could lead the way in highlighting diversity and inclusivity.

The Zag

Don’t just acknowledge Ramadan – celebrate it, every night of the month.

The Solution

Working closely with strategic diversity and inclusion consultancy The Unmistakables and Tesco’s network of Muslim colleagues, we focused on the moment of Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast.

To commemorate the event, we used digital posters in a new way: on huge billboards, food appeared and disappeared in line with fasting times – so the plates filled up exactly at sunset, and then emptied again when the sun went up in the morning. Every detail, from the table runners to the colour scheme, and from the patterns on plates to the (lack of) nail polish on the featured hands, was carefully considered to accurately reflect and represent.


Together This Ramadan

Almost 4 million British Muslims observe Ramadan every year. But few brands acknowledge this holiday beyond superficial references. Here's how we helped them feel seen.

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