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The 2020 Food & Drink Report

The fourth annual Food & Drink Report is based on exclusive consumer research and explores key trends in the behaviour and attitudes of UK shoppers. As well as detailing year-on-year developments, the 2020 report features a special focus on the immediate changes in consumer behaviour as a result of UK lockdown.


Brand - your key to B2B success

It's time to think beyond Martech. In our biggest ever B2B thought leadership release, two of our brightest strategic minds reveal: - Why brand value matters - How B2B brand building differs from B2C - How to develop, execute and measure brand in B2B


The 2019 Food & Drink Report

The vegan fad is flatlining, dairy’s accelerating downhill and shoppers have had their fill of plastic. The 2019 Food & Drink Report examines UK shoppers’ attitudes towards how they shop, eat and drink. While the inaugural report outlined regional differences, last year’s findings explored key food and drink trends across the UK. This year, we look at how these trends have developed and, of course, the changing influence of Brexit.


Bray Leino food & drink trends report 2018

What drives consumer purchase decisions? Which ingredients are people avoiding? How is Brexit influencing buying habits? How does this vary by UK region? And what does it all mean for food & drink brand-building strategies? Download the full report.


What does the plant-based boom mean for meat?

Should traditional meat manufacturers be worried about this new fast-moving, hi-tech consumer feast?


A new model for launching new products

We believe there’s a new model for NPD launch comms. To test the idea, Bray Leino and The Grocer invited marketing experts from leading food and drink brands to discuss it over breakfast. That conversation is the basis for this paper.


A short, sweet guide to the sugar tax

We've been talking about it forever, but now the sugar tax is here. Will it work? How have brands reacted? And what comes next? One of Bray Leino's top strategic planners investigates.


2017 UK Foood & Drink Report

A year on since the Brexit referendum, we examined what the UK really thinks about the food and drink in our lives. The Report examines regional attitudes and trends around various issues, comparing remain-voting London with the North East and North Wales, two places Brexit was strongly supported.


AI. What it is. What it isn't. And why it matters.

Bray Leino's Technology Lead explains why the growth of Artificial Intelligence means we're facing a second computing revolution.


Innovating the everyday

How do businesses become good at innovating? Sam Crocker was asked this at a conference recently. Here's his response, via a liberal use of sporting analogy...


How context affects taste

Taste is a crucial factor in consumer purchase decisions. But taste is also subjective; and we can use behavioural psychology to influence how consumers experience it. This means marketing can make your product taste better. We call it The Goldilocks Effect.


Get value from festival sponsorship

Festivals are tricky; people aren't naturally receptive to brand marketing in this environment, but with subtlety, honesty and creativity, you can become part of their festival story.