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We are a fully integrated earned-first advertising agency, blending storytelling, brand advertising, experiential, digital, PR, content, social with pin-sharp strategy to help brands rise above the noise. We do this by creating ideas that earn attention, creating, making and distributing stories that get heard, all under one roof.






Growth Hacking: How to fast-track growth in a post-Covid world.

The Brooklyn Brothers hosted a webinar discussing how to find your space for growth in a post-Covid world – focusing on an earned-first brand marketing model that enables brands to rise above the noise, driving disproportionate returns for your business.


Yellowzine & The Brooklyn Brothers launch 'Night School'

The Brooklyn Brothers are launching 'Night School' in partnership with Yellowzine (a creative publication showcasing contemporary minority ethnic creatives in the UK). Night School is a free eight-week training programme in London designed to bring fresh talent into advertising and creative agencies. Open to all 18-25 year-olds from BAME backgrounds, the programme focuses on creativity and craft and aims to unlock creative potential.


Cannes Lions 2017: Sir Ian McKellen, The Brooklyn Brothers and Brown Eyed Boy - looking for LGBT heroes

On Wednesday 21st June, The Brooklyn Brothers and Brown Eyed Boy shared the main stage with Sir Ian McKellen, acting legend, at the Lumière Theatre for Cannes Lions 2017. The session was titled “Telling a good story: Ian McKellen with The Brooklyn Brothers”.


AdWeek Europe 2017: Does the future belong to content pioneers?

This year, we had our first ever involvement with AWEurope with our talk being held on the 20th March 2017. We discussed "Does the future belong to the content pioneers” with our founders Jackie and George on stage with Vivek, our Castrol client and Alex, Editor of Contagious.