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Hot Pick

All People All Places campaign uses Blue Plaques for storytelling

The heartfelt campaign from Cogent successfully changes the narrative for homeless people.

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Thought Leadership

Moving Minds: Unlocking the spending power of home movers

Behind every rational reason for moving to a new home, there are powerful emotional needs to be met. Moving Minds helps us to understand these needs, and how they make movers behave.

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Hot Pick

Kwik Fit, 'Idents: Real Drivers' by Cogent

In your mind it’s sunny, you’re driving a convertible and the radio is playing only your favourite songs. In reality, you’re sitting bumper to bumper in the driving rain on the M25, pleading with the traffic gods to just let you advance an inch.

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Dan Neville, Strategy Director, Cogent

"If you’re ambitious, determined and driven, there really should be no limiting factors to what you can achieve."