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How Much Should We Use Infographics?

Brands are constantly battling with one another to determine the ideal method of engaging with audiences and prospects. Infographics are a tried and tested method of conveying information in an easily digestible format. This is because human brains generally find it easier to process visuals than text. But are infographics now being overused or have communications professionals found the perfect message format? Our Content Director, Dave Leatham, explores more.


How I am Influenced by Influencers

As a PR I am always looking for the best way to get a story, encompassing my client’s key messages, out to the best audience. Traditionally, the way to do this is via print media, and whilst it still has its place, the landscape has changed – and media relations is a whole different ball game! I’ve always felt I was not someone who was influenced by an influencer. However, it turns out I am wrong. I cannot lie to myself any longer – I have been influenced.


Moving Minds

The act of looking for and moving into a new home is an inertia buster that sees consumer spending behaviour change dramatically. But how do our mindsets change when we’re in moving mode and how does that influence purchase behaviour? Cogent has launched Moving Minds, an attitudinal study that explores why people move home. By identifying eight home mover tribes, we explore how brands might effectively engage with home movers when they’re most likely to spend.


Will Removing Like Counts Help Drive In-App Purchases & Monetise Instagram?

Instagram has decided to experiment with removing likes from posts in a bid to reduce pressure on the platform’s users, while also taking away the ‘vanity’ element of counting post likes. While likes will be hidden on posts, users will still be able to view like-counts on their own posts. I can’t help but think this could be a shift to focus the platform more towards product purchases and therefore further monetise the channel.


5 Trends From South by Southwest 2019

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a group of annual conferences that takes place in March in Austin, Texas, USA. The conferences include the latest trends in films, interactive media and music. Particularly relevant to us, SXSW Interactive is focused on emerging technology and includes a trade show, speakers and parties.We have compiled the 5 most important trends from the 2019 conference below.


The Spending Diary of a First Time Buyer

I kept a spending diary over the first eight weeks of living in my first home that I bought with my partner. This diary includes all the things I bought, all the things I prioritised and every time I compromised on something I insisted I needed (even if it did mean living off soup for a week).


Is Integrity the Secret to Influencer Marketing Success?

You may have seen the recent Netflix documentary about Fyre Festival, the most disastrous festival experience of 2017. What was advertised as a ‘transformative experience’ that would ‘exceed all expectations’, was brought crashing down to earth by a single image of a sad cheese sandwich. So we explore, is integrity the secret to influencer marketing success?


Do Millennials and Gardening Go Together?

When I first decided to write a blog piece about gardening, I felt a wave of discomfort rise up from my toes to my not-so-green fingers. I’m 24, have lived in a flat in London for the last 3 years and am a long way off from owning a pair of gardening gloves, or a house for that matter.


An Innovative Approach to Easing Renovation Stress

We recently headed down to The Ideal Home Show where we came across Pioneer Popup, a company who provide tailor-made solutions for people taking on renovation projects. Pioneer Popup create homely mobile kitchens inside campervans for those in the midst of a kitchen renovation.


Can Brands Ease the Feeling of Remorse for the 63% of Regretful Millennial Home Buyers?

In a recent American survey, 63% of millennials stated they regret buying homes. Despite home ownership being something many millennials strive towards (and often spend years saving for) more than half report buyer’s remorse about their home purchase, with unforeseen costs being one of the main reasons. This got me thinking about the same audience in the UK – what can brands here do to prevent the same kind of regret setting in?


Is Social Media Affecting the Homes we Choose to Buy?

Buying a house is often a monumental milestone in life, one that commonly represents a significant life stage change. You could say, buying a house is a pretty big deal. So, you’d think careful, practical and rational consideration would take place during the home buying process. However, a significant proportion of the decision is led by emotion and I think there’s an argument for how social media is affecting the way we purchase houses.


Are Millennials Redefining Gardening?

When we think of gardening we often think of large outdoor spaces, lawns and decking, climbers and trees, tools and equipment, patience and manual work. However, maybe it’s time we start to think of gardening a little differently. Maybe it’s time we redefine its meaning to more accurately represent the modern living and housing situation throughout the UK.


How the Eco Friendly Trend is Affecting Brand Appeal.

Ethical stances seem to be shifting from awareness to activism, particularly amongst younger consumers increasingly taking responsibility for protecting and sustaining the world.


Cogent Beekeeping 2018 Round Up.

Get the low-down on our highlights from 2018.


Lessons From Bees

At Cogent, everything we do is driven by, and owes its success to, the power of Togetherness. Here are 10 things we can learn from nature’s greatest collaborators, honey bees.