How we created the most-liked tweet by a brand of all time…

Burger King was looking to connect with a young millennial audience and to win the attention and respect of this hard to reach group. Social media was to be the battleground - and we needed a point of view, attitude and perspective that would make us stand out from the crowd.

Our solution

We developed an audience-based proposition for Burger King on social that was based on creating a simple reaction; we wanted our fans to see our content and say “Yes Burger King!”.

Yes, only Burger King would dare do this.

Yes, Burger King understands me and my world.

And Yes - Burger King is the brand for me.

So what happened next...

Once we had established a new social media presence and developed a unique savage tone of voice for the brand - and were quickly getting a reputation with our audiences. A key aspect of our approach was a realtime social listening programme to engage in directly relevant conversations that impact the brand. And then, out of the blue, Kanye West tweeted his 28 million followers:

Kayne's tweet

We went straight for the jugular, taking to Twitter with a simple and brutal response. We have deployed a real time approval process with our client to ensure messages are approved – while they are relevant (thanks WhatsApp!). And it only took three words to burn two of the biggest brands on the planet at once.

Our response

The results

This was a simple, double-sided diss track of epic proportions. This message captured the mood of the Internet towards Kanye – and elevated the Burger King brand’s status above him and McDonalds. We weren’t just flame grilling the most famous and controversial rap star in the world. We were taking down our long-standing rival at the same time. And it blew up. People liked, laughed, shared, and commented all over the globe.

Which resulted in over 200 leading publications across the world, like The Daily Mail, The Sun, Fox News adding to the conversation – as did titles that directly engage with our audiences (NME, Esquire and Cosmo). We drove an authentic Global brand conversation and global fan love for Burger King with almost universal positive sentiment.

This work won a prestigious Cannes Lions Social & Influencer 2019 award!

Did we mentioned this is the most liked tweet by a brand OF ALL TIME!

Twitter impressions
Earned media
Media reach

Coolr is transforming our social media presence and is building a strong connection with our youth audience. The Kanye West activation was outstanding and we are proud to have achieved the most liked tweet by a brand of all time.

Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, Burger King UK,

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The most-liked tweet by a brand of all time…

Learn how Coolr drove an authentic global brand conversation and global fan love for Burger King with almost universal positive sentiment with only 3 words..

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