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Quick Reactions for INFINITI Global


Social media platforms are constantly awash with new features and functionality, making it difficult for brands to stay current while delivering effective results on social media. To ensure INFINITI is keeping up, we create monthly campaigns based on innovative trends in the social sphere. So when Instagram launched their newest feature, Quiz Stickers, we knew we had to act fast. 

The Creative Idea

From taking the corner with accuracy to making it to soccer practice on time, driving requires a seemingly never-ending number of quick reactions and decisions. We blended these decision-making moments on Instagram Stories, where viewers could immerse themselves in INFINITI’s driver-centric design and experience the car’s cutting-edge technologies. Using Instagram’s all-new Stickers feature, we created a quiz-driven story for INFINITI on Instagram and did something totally unexpected with it—gamified each story into an interactive experience that let users learn about key product features in a fun and exciting way. The work capitalized on Instagram Stories’ unique features and functionality and played on key decision moments needed behind the wheel. 

112.8% Increase
In reach
129.6% Increase
In engagement compared to other INFINITI social content.

The Execution

We captured a larger narrative telling the performance story of the Q60 and interrupt it at key moments with Instagram’s Quiz Stickers. Users are led through a series of quiz questions, each asking them to select their next choice. The catch? Just like in real life, decisions behind the wheel require speed. As users make their way through the stories, each subsequent quiz question gets shorter and shorter, giving viewers increasingly less time to make decisions. Upping the excitement and the difficulty, we ultimately created a memorable, informative and entirely unique Instagram Stories experience. By creating a racing simulator out of an Instagram quiz, users will be prepared for the turns ahead—and wrong answers, fortunately, won’t stop the fun.

Also, how we executed is as remarkable as what we executed. We created our social content in a specialized, agile work flow. A nimble crew selected from our in-house content team fulfilled every on-site production need—from operating cameras to using software to creating custom motion pieces. In a four-week sprint, we went from brief to concept, to shoot, to edit, and finally, to post.

The Strategy/Insight

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular social media formats today. It enables brands to tell compelling and immersive stories to engage your audience. But new features are constantly added to the platform—including polls, stickers, music plug-ins, questions, and more. When Instagram Story’s Quiz feature launched, we saw an opportunity to elevate INFINITI’s users’ interactions in a way no other auto brand had done before. 

The Results

Quick Reactions was first launched in the US, and was then rolled out globally. In the US execution, the percentage of users that reached the final of the 13 posts in the series was 44.1%, a relatively high rate for a platform where drop-off is common. And the rate of people who navigated away from the Stories was under 4% once they reached the third post. INFINITI’s reach increased 112.8% and engagement went up by 129.6% compared to other INFINITI social content.  


Quick Reactions for INFINITI Global

Taking a luxury vehicle for a ride on a racetrack is typically out of reach for most people. Using Instagram Stories, we partnered with INFINITI to create an immersive social media experience that enables users to feel like they are behind the wheel of an INFINITI Q60.

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