Establishing Prodigy Chocolate's Brand Video Identity

When I met Jeremy I felt like I’d known him my whole life. He felt like family. Working with Curious Crab has been creative, professional, fun and expertly culinary and I couldn't recommend them more!

Neena Vaswani, Co-Founder

Helping to build an evolving brand video bible for a plant-based chocolate challenger brand.

Our work with Prodigy Snacks has been active since June 2023, where we have produced a bank of lifestyle videos for their marketing and sales teams to use in a variety of ways. The project is three tiered, where we produce all their:

1.    Core brand videos for B2B & B2C use.

2.    Product specific videos to support both trade sales and their D2C channels

3.    Lifestyle videos for social media on a monthly retainer basis (to help launch their Tik Tok channel and to use on Instagram)

The Challenge

Prodigy Snacks spent the best part of 2022 refreshing their brand with the goal to move quickly into the mainstream chocolate market. This highly competitive arena is a huge challenge for a young, challenger brand to overcome without some clever thinking and creative impact. The founders of Prodigy Snacks Sameer and Neena Vaswani previously owned their own confectionary business which was sold to McVities and have a huge ambition to be industry leaders in building a sustainable chocolate business in the modern world. The challenge presented to us was to create a portfolio of content that encapsulated their brand through and through for Prodigy to use across multiple channels, whether B2B or D2C and social media. This project definitely does not have 'a one size fits all' solution, which is why, in 2023 they came to us at Curious Crab Productions.

Strategy & Approach

Having seen our rebrand project work with Olly’s snacks, Prodigy asked us to work alongside them and formulate a much larger, long term video strategy that we felt could, over time, connect the dots between helping to increase their distribution through B2B marketing (videos for sales meetings and trade show support), whilst establishing a base ‘video style / guidelines’ for all existing products and NPD that would help boost their D2C sales channels (primarily website and Amazon) all the way through to then creative content production for their new Tik Tok channel and on-going Instagram account. In essence, the strategy and approach was to build an “evolving brand video bible”, which over time, helps to connect brand awareness with the realness of the brand on social media.

Below is a selection of videos that spread across the tiers. The client is now dotting our in-studio content in with their own UGC content which has created a lovely balance for their social channels.

Results & Learnings 

The first sets of videos launched in October – November 2023 and the videos we have produced have established a Prodigy brand style that is starting to become recognised through all channels and supporting the clients marketing and sales tremendously. A/B testing has been implemented on Amazon product pages in December 2023, with more quantitative results expected imminently. We continue to work extremely closely with Prodigy on their modern, yet retro brand style and their nod to the classic chocolates of the 80’s.


Establishing Prodigy Snack's Brand Video Identity

Since June 2023 we produced a bank of lifestyle videos to support both trade and D2C sales and marketing: 1. Core brand videos 2. Product specific videos 3. SM content In line with their modern, yet retro brand style and their nod to the classic chocolates of the 80’s.

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