Delighting with every touch, swipe or scroll

Purpose-driven smoothie and juice brand, innocent, has blazed a trail when it comes to brand voice and identity, and is consistently celebrated for establishing a truly human connection with its consumers. But its website had been a little left behind that trail. That’s why the team turned to DEPT® to design a joyful website that unleashed the full power of the brand’s goodness with every touch, swipe and scroll.

Authenticity is paramount

With such a strong brand at play, our challenge with this project was to authentically translate the visual identity and tone of voice across every element and touchpoint of the new website. 

It had to be fun and engaging, but with purpose; to feel genuinely human and packed with personality, but with space to digest. No mean feat. 

We worked in collaboration with innocent’s global and individual market teams to tap into their expertise in the nuances between brand communication in different locales and ensure impact across the board.

A truly 'innocent' experience

As with all things innocent, the unexpected should always be expected. But randomness never works. This is what all our design and user experience ideas and decisions were based around when conceptualising the new website. 

We found honesty in imperfection, and became perfectionists at creating such imperfections. 

Focusing on the little touches as much as on the big, in your face, ideas; showcasing everything that innocent does so well, but without a soapbox in sight. 

We had incredible amounts of fun finding ways to bring the full innocent brand experience to life online. 

From the ‘sustainability switch’ that drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the entire website, to the 404 page that celebrates mistakes, we carefully mapped out key customer journeys to identify the best points in the journey to add in these pockets of joy. 

These customer journeys also allowed us to ensure that the purpose-driven messaging was naturally and pointedly weaved in throughout.

The outcome

Our work culminated in a joyful website that inspires a healthier world. It feels truly alive, brimming with enthusiasm, personality, drive and purpose. 

And as a result, we continue to work with innocent globally to deliver new iterations and evolutions of the website, as well as market specific digital campaigns such as the Big Rewild.

The team at DEPT® were brilliant at bringing the innocent brand to life, they’re a truly collaborative team with genuinely unique ideas. On top of that they’re a really nice bunch of people to spend hours with on zoom.

Carol Feeley , Global Head of Creative


Delighting with every touch, swipe or scroll

innocent turned to DEPT® to design a joyful website that unleashed the full power of the brand’s goodness.

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