Dermalogica: Celebrating Skindividuality

An honest celebration of skin positivity and individuality.


With the beauty industry shifting to acknowledge and celebrate real bodies and individuality, Dermalogica wanted to be part of this conversation, but weren't sure how.


Beauty on social media had a bad rep.

Societal pressure (exacerbated by social media) for us to look a certain way was causing stress and anxiety, especially for those with specific skin concerns.

We wanted to place Dermalogica - a brand rooted in scientific, personalised skincare - at the heart of this conversation of social, spreading a positive message of individuality and body-confidence.


We created the campaign ‘Skindividual’, a celebration of skin positivity that recognised that everyone's skin is different. Partnering with Georgia Toffolo alongside other ‘Skinfluencers’, we created honest and relatable video content that resonated with audiences and encouraged them to share their own #skindividual stories.

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Dermalogica: Celebrating Skindividuality

Dermalogica asked us to create a campaign to promote their active clearing range and build brand affinity, whilst celebrating real bodies and individuality. We created the campaign 'Skindividual', a celebration of skin positivity recognising that everyone's skin is different.

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