Develop customer communications that live up to the “Experience Amazing” brand promise that customers experience when they drive a Lexus and visit showrooms, to connect emotionally with drivers and to set Lexus apart from its competitors. And in doing so maximise repurchase rates - particularly amongst first-time owners.


Luxury car buyers are seduced by highly emotional, super-stylish films that make lofty claims about the experience of driving and owning a brand. But all too often the ownership experience doesn’t match up to this brand promise, offering instead dry, product-focused customer comms.

Inspired by Omotenashi - the Japanese ‘spirit of hospitality’ - we needed to demonstrate how Lexus anticipates its customers’ needs with an intelligent, data-driven approach; and shows acute attention to detail in crafting thoughtful touches that make all the difference.


When crafting a Lexus, their engineers ask one question – how does it feel? Imaginative technology and Japanese craft create a driving experience like no other that transports not just the person but their senses too. Our comms ensured owners ‘experienced amazing’ at key points in their ownership journey.

From offering a uniquely Lexus welcome and onboarding experience; to simple touches that elevated the service communications customers receive; to telling real, human stories from Lexus owners that brought Lexus brand values to life. And timely, data-driven communications that cleverly anticipate when a customer is looking to repurchase, providing them with exactly the content they need.


  • Engagement rates were impressive (+37% increase vs benchmark for open rates, and +20% vs benchmark for clicks)
  • Recipients of targeted Repurchase emails are 3x more likely to purchase than customers not receiving the emails
  • 52% of repurchasers bought the model featured in the personalised emails
  • Recipients of targeted direct mail are over 3 times more likely to buy than the control group
  • DMA Best Loyalty Programme Silver


LEXUS - Experience Amazing

Inspiring loyalty with a data-driven approach reflecting the brand promise.

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