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Head Over Heels is a shoe brand of The Dune London Group (Dune London), sold through or stores and concessions since their inception as a more accessible alternative. Dune London wanted to attract a younger, fashion-conscious audience and create a brand that not only resonated with them but was for and championed by them.

Head Over Heels was to be pulled away from the main Dune London brand and given its own platform – including brand, strategy, an e-commerce website and social community. We were tasked with creating the website which had to promote a simple and trusted path to purchase, as well as launch the brand and help to build a buzz and community around it.

Never stand still

Head Over Heels is about the shoes, the style, the ‘right now’. It’s about empowering a demographic of women to be brave and confident in being themselves, to live for the moment or the occasion, but with the right pair of shoes!

The website follows the creative proposition ‘Never Stand Still’. It’s energetic, it moves and inspires through a visual representation of the brand and through valuable, trend-lead content. It’s designed to be owned by the demographic – to establish organic change through user generated social content, campaign colour tones and statement driven visuals.

User Experience

We mapped and maintained a user experience strategy throughout the design of the website, creating an inclusive and wider opportunity for the brand to interact, inform, inspire and sell to their audience.

The strategy was to support sales through inspirational, informative and inclusive content, whereby the user felt valued before, during and after purchase, through acquisition, retention and advocacy.

Quickshop quick smart

The dynamic PLP and PDP pages are all about efficiency and are supported through inspirational content. A user can shop straight from the PLP without ever having to go to a PDP at all. We wanted the user to feel easy with the shopping experience, showing as much considered detail up front as possible without taking them on long-winded journeys.

Helping the brand to stand on its own two feet

The new brand guidelines were flexible, inclusive of any given campaign, demographic and trend of the moment. So we had to create a design that was open to that flexibility, but also maintained a set of rules in terms of user interface that supported a consistent user experience. Energetic and dramatic, the website and brand had to balance the idea of contrast as well as unity with the parent brand, Dune London. We create unique brand personality through style and content, but cohesion through user experience, layout systems and subsequent design tones and principles.

The homepage acts as a digital store front and captures a wide range of shoppable user interests. The hierarchy is an ‘inspiration first’ path to product, whereby we have created a visual voice of the brand, providing reliable and relevant content.The website is designed around a modular system that means the entire website can be tweaked, refreshed and repopulated in parallel with audience and trends without redesigning the platform.


With the launch of the website we are still awaiting full results, though this is just the start of what we would like to do in partnership with Head Over Heels and where the website can go. We see it, like the brand’s proposition, as something that never stands still. It adapts to, evolves with and promotes the audience and trends around it.

For the full case study please visit our website: Head Over Heels - UX, Website Design & Development


Head Over Heels – Website and Brand Development

The website design and development for Head Over Heels by Dune London – creating a simple path to purchase via product, inspiration and brand buzz.



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