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Initials is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent creative brand activation agencies. Our expertise lie in brand planning and brand activation, spanning five core disciplines: branding and brand development, experiential, promotional marketing, shopper marketing & customer journey activation and content.

We are the home of UNINHIBITED THINKING, channelling a unique collection of personal attributes to deliver more inventive, ambitious and creative brand campaigns for clients (on a local and global scale). We create strategies and solutions unconstrained by normal expectations through a combination of seasoned brains and youthful vigour.






Closing the gap between clients and agencies – the lost art of collaboration

These days the majority of problems that exist between agencies and their clients, the gap between what is needed and what is delivered, can be traced back to one thing - confidence. Or the lack of it. A "yes men" culture has emerged, one that sees agencies ask for and respond to briefs, without making any real attempt to understand the bigger picture.


Using winning experiences to drive impact on social media

Simplicity of activation and sheer potential reach are two of the main things that initially made social media an attractive platform for brands. However, this simplicity has also led to social platforms becoming quickly saturated, meaning standing out is tougher than ever.