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Television's Groundhog Day Nightmare - What Happens When They Run Out of Programmes?

As lockdown starts to ease, TV Account Director, Gina Miller asks what happens when the TV stations run out of content. Lockdown restrictions have meant TV producers have had to adapt to new working environments which has affected the amount of content they can actually create. This means that there is a looming crisis in linear TV schedules yet opportunity remains for canny advertisers.


TV - Still Highly Effective at Scale for Charity Fundraising

There's a growing mood that charity fundraising has moved on from television as a channel. This article outlines the case that it is still very effective at scale and offer tips on best practice. This is essential reading if you are a charity looking to plug income gaps as other sources of donations such as events, retail and F2F have dried up. This is a posthumous article based on Rob Stephen's last presentation at Raw London's Relay event in March. Rob passed away from coronavirus in April.


Tik Tok Tik Tok: Time to Try the Fastest Growing Social Network?

Maria Floyd, JAA's Head of Social, makes a persuasive case for charity brands to start using Tik Tok. It's not as expensive as you may initially think and currently can offer similar value to Facebook. Now is the time to start investing in this channel whilst it remains relatively unsaturated with advertising. This will enable brands to gain first mover advantage.


Why Good Governance Matters When Selecting Your Media Agency

The current financial crisis may be an existential crisis for a lot of businesses - especially for media agencies. At JAA we have seen this all before and learnt the hard lessons to enable us to ride through similar events. Good governance is much more important than you may think when picking your media agency supplier and this article outlines some questions that are over-looked by advertisers.


Are you ready for Google's Badge of Shame?

Google are looking to penalise advertisers for poor performance and slow load times across all devices. As we enter a new decade, are you doing enough to keep up to speed with the changes in search engine marketing?