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M&C Saatchi is an independent agency on a mission to create work that is talked about around the world – because if you don’t get talked about, everything else is immaterial. We are guided by two core philosophies that are central to everything we do.

Brutal Simplicity of Thought – which means we’re experts at understanding complex categories and businesses and finding simple, effective, strategic ways through for our clients. The modern world, and business landscape is more complicated and fragmented than ever and so it is incumbent upon us to simplify very complex pictures into something simple and straightforward and which all stakeholders can understand and use, in practical ways.

Diversity of Thought – bringing together diverse minds, points of view and backgrounds, because we know that when we do this, we are more creative. We don’t see DE&I as a tickbox exercise. We see it is as an imperative to getting to great ideas. The more diverse the group of people surrounding a problem or challenge, the better the outputs. It’s as simple as that.

We are really good at getting to the heart of business problems for our clients, which sounds ridiculously obvious, but actually requires proper time and attention, so that we can get to brilliant communications and innovation solutions to the problem we have identified. Within the world of communications and brands, it’s actually incredibly easy to lose sight of why an idea or platform will deliver. We come back to effectiveness on an ongoing basis – why will this idea work to deliver for the Brand? And we hold ourselves to exacting standards in evaluating everything we do.

We have three tenets we measure ourselves against when we are evaluating ideas – 1/ Is it distinctive? 2/ Will anyone give a s**t about it? 3/ Does it make us feel slightly nervous? If the idea delivers against all three, then we’re getting somewhere!




Case Studies

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Case Study

Coca-Cola "Where Everyone Plays"

By M&C Saatchi

‘Where Everyone Plays’ is the creative platform we used to launch Coca-Cola’s re-entry into UK football, their biggest sponsorship for 25 years.

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Case Study

Iceland "Looks Like You Need Iceland"

By M&C Saatchi

Reaching half the world’s population and taking Iceland to number one!

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Case Study

Financial Conduct Authority “Make a decision. Do it now!”

By M&C Saatchi

Challenging all category norms, getting the nation to ‘act now!’

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