Flavour Head: Infusing the tea category with cocktail-inspired flavours

Spotting an opportunity in a heavily saturated herbal tea market, we decided to make our own category.

Big, bold & beautiful

Botanical blends

Crafting our cocktail teas from blends of fruits, herbs, teas, and botanicals, we tasted everything from ashwagandha to yuzu peel in the Missouri FlavourLab, creating our new Botanical Tea brand.

Launching Flavour Head in the UK with a ‘Big, Bold and Beautiful’ design philosophy, we illustrated and designed the packaging to reflect the vibrant flavours.

Big, bold branding

Blending design

Working closely with Craig the founder (a self-proclaimed Flavour Head), we created all aspects of the brand: name, identity, illustration and packaging. We used big type, bold colours, and a unique illustrative style to create playful characters, giving each variant a personality and impactful shelf presence.

‍Highlighting the all-important credentials, through mood illustrations and brewing tips - we let the small details make a big difference adding a touch of fun and energy, whilst keeping the pack feeling premium, without pretence, through its eco-friendly recycled stock.

Big, bold results

Everyone liked the taste

Within a week of launching, Flavour Head stole the show, winning the Design & Branding award at The Food & Drink Expo 2022. A year later, Flavour Head was stocked in hundreds of delis across the UK and gained its first major supermarket listing in September 2023.

Missouri got the balance just right and added a playfulness that puts a smile on your face.

Craig Harries, Founder of Flavour Head


Flavour Head: Infusing the tea category with cocktail-inspired flavours

Our start-up client approached us with a brief to shake up the highly-saturated and slightly worthy herbal tea category with a strong and distinctive new brand.

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