Living Couture at the BAFTAs

Background and insights

Red carpet fashion has always been a place of expression, style and creativity. But as the world becomes more waste conscious can we still idolise single use fashion? 

What we made

A dress with unlimited possibilities showcased at the 2020 British Academy Film Awards. Designed by Richard Malone, the physical gown was made with ethically-sourced fabric including recycled, regenerative ocean waste. The innovation was the integration motion tracking sensors hidden under the fabric to allow us to map reactive 3D graphics in real-time, using a gaming engine. 

What It meant for the brand and the consumers

Fans at the event and at home could see the power of 5G first hand as we revealed the dress live on the BAFTA red carpet, showcasing the power of the network to deliver immersive experiences even in the busiest of places. All thanks to 5G.

  • 2.4M tuned in live on twitter. 10M+ views of the dress reveal
  • “This is what a couture dress from the future looks like” - VOGUE
  • “Augmented reality sustainable gown. Our minds are officially blown” - GLAMOUR


EE - Living Couture at the BAFTAs

The world’s first 5G-powered AR dress and a re-wearable fashion statement.

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