P&O Ferries - There is Another Way

How P&O Ferries made the nation reconsider ferries by reminding consumers ‘There is Another Way’ to travel.

P&O Ferries is the leader of its category. But the category had seen brighter days: ferries were an old fashioned, easily forgotten mode of transport that had been in decline for over 3 decades. 

To make things worse, P&O Ferries was coming out of a reputational crisis which had put the brand at the bottom of historical YouGov brand index scores.

In order to turn the business around we needed to shine a positive light on the brand while bringing new people into the ferry category from planes and trains.

Conveniently, following 2022’s “Summer of Chaos” ferries could start looking like a much more attractive alternative. 

Thousands of cancelled flights, delayed departures and lost luggage were still lingering in the collective memory, while the Eurotunnel - one of our biggest competitors- trapped dozens of passengers inside of a dark tunnel for 5 hours due to malfunction the same year.

We knew we couldn’t compete in price with the likes of Easyjet, and we weren’t faster than the Eurotunnel, so we needed to position P&O Ferries as the most enjoyable way to travel - the top driver of brand desire in the category.

We needed to change the way we positioned the business, from leaders in the category to challengers in the broader travel market. As we couldn’t outspend the competition, we needed to disrupt.

“There is Another Way” launched in contextual placements and occasions where travellers are likely to be thinking of the frustrations they have to suffer with other modes of transport, and positioning P&O Ferries as the more enjoyable alternative.

The results?

Brought the brand back to positive sentiment after the reputation crisis 

YouGov brand index score increased 155% in the first month of activity. 

Ad awareness increased 120% and brand consideration increased 18%

More than doubled paid bookings VS same period last year.


P&O Ferries - There is Another Way

Our latest work for P&O Ferries challenges the travel industry, reminding people ‘There is Another Way’ to travel. Playful OOH posters located at airports and train stations across the UK poke fun at common frustrations in a way that in a way that resonates with us all.

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