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We are Somo. An award-winning digital product and experience agency.

We’re one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the UK, helping the world’s biggest brands to transform their customer experiences and become the leaders in digital change.

We build intuitive digital products, taking our clients on a journey of transformation, identifying and solving their challenges from a truly customer-first perspective.






What will make car-buyers switch to electric?

As environmental impact statistics and warnings of climate change enter our daily newsfeed, what will it take to make car buyers switch to electric? In this blog, Somo shares key insights from its white paper research on barriers to mass electric vehicle adoption.


FinTech Connect 2019: Key Takeaways

Somo’s CSO, Ross Sleight, took to the stage at FinTech Connect in December to present his keynote speech — discussing how brands can deliver real product differentiation. Read our key takeaways from his speech and the hot topics of the FinTech Connect conference here.


Why is aggregated banking so popular in the US? - Are there lessons to be learned for Open Banking?

Digital-only banks are increasingly popular in the UK, but neobanks have not quite had success in the US — at least not yet. We explore why traditional banking is still the most popular choice in the US despite a 4 per cent closure rate of banks over the last 12 months. Read our new Somo Snack to find out if there are any lessons to be learned for Open Banking in the UK.


Driving mass adoption of electric vehicles: are customers ready to switch?

The possibility of mass electric car adoption appears to be on the horizon as a range of industry, governmental and environmental factors combine to encourage take-up in the UK – from tougher regulations on carbon emission to better product range and financial incentives for users. But are car-buyers ready to make the change; and if not, what is holding them back? Download our latest white paper to find out Somo’s in-depth analysis of the current electric vehicles market.


Are digital-only brands the future of financial services?

With the prevalence of neobanks, and the market booming with fancy fintech solutions, are big players still positioned to deliver services customers want? Will physical bank branches become obsolete? And are digital-only brands really the future of the financial services sector? Download our newest white paper to find out how the role of the traditional bank has changed and why designing around needs – everyone’s needs – is fundamental when building new products.