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The Conscious Consumer Part III - Why Operation Climate Save Should Be Marked URGENT For Your Brand

Saving the planet is top of the news agenda for all generations. But it’s Millennials and Gen Z you should be paying the closest attention to. In the wake of the G7 Summit, and the latest IPCC report, a couple of weeks ago, conscious consumers everywhere will have been reading about climate commitments and holding a lot of important people to account. And your brand won’t escape their unflinching stare. Read on for three things you can start doing now to implement in your comms strategies.


Long versus Short: It's Time to Call a Draw

In the sparring match between logic & gut, Southpaw argues brands should be aiming for a draw. The short term versus long term argument rumbles on. 2021 is the year where marketers should chase a smart balance of the two for the best outcomes. Read on to find out why we all need sugar and carbs in our comms strategies.



We have psychologist Carl Jung to thank for the 12 brand archetypes: he developed a theory that we’re all hardwired to recognise and react to distinctive personality traits. Why should you use them to shape your brand story? Choosing the right archetype can help you build a relationship with your audience, giving them familiar characteristics they can connect with. It strengthens your brand positioning and gives people the shorthand they need to understand what your brand stands for.



At Southpaw we’re kind of obsessed with storytelling in the brand building process. Within storytelling’s golden trio of character, incident and plot, it’s plot that provides the vital framework to hang everything from. Let’s take the plot types from the top.


Southpaw says #BOGOF to Hygiene Poverty for National Hygiene Week

From the 14th-20th September 2020 National Hygiene Week will run across the UK highlighting the hidden, but very real, issue of hygiene poverty. From challenges and quizzes to panel talks and events, National Hygiene Week aims to reach as many people as possible because we believe that hygiene poverty is a problem we can solve together.



Southpaw’s Zoom panel explores why adopting the mantra of ‘Keep Calm & Brand Build’ will ensure your brand thrives in a crisis.


Out Of Touch: How To Make Emotional Connections In The Time Of COVID-19

While the world faces the biggest macro-crisis since World War II, we are all to some degree facing our own micro-crises: one of self confidence and identity. Consumers are looking for connection and reassurance that some semblance of normality will continue in a world that has never felt more weird. So - how can brands assert themselves thoughtfully and with relevance, using digital means, to support and emotionally connect with people in their hour of need?



2018 was the year of the side hustle. Perhaps you were genuinely inspired to expand your experience, get that idea off the ground, desperate to earn a second wage: we all had our motivations. I found my own side hustle, but my motivation was slightly different. Tom Poynter, Managing Director at Southpaw shares his thoughts on being a trustee for a grassroots National Charity.


Why Love Isn't Enough For Brands

Let’s throw back to Valentine’s Day, 2019. A time for love, loyalty, a vague sense of guilt, and a desperate hope that small gestures can inject a spark into a long-term partnership. Now now, I’m not talking about your significant other. I’m talking about brands.


PART 2: What will the Conscious Consumer buy into in 2030?

Welcome to Part II of Southpaw's exploration of the Conscious Consumer. In Part I we tracked the roots of this demanding new mindset, one that is forcing brands to show us they care about the planet and demonstrate it single-mindedly. Then we asked, “In the future, how will brands stand out with an eco-agenda and what impact might that have on our buying behaviour?” Read the full paper for our thoughts.


PART 1: How the Conscious Consumer was born and is it right for your brand?

Remember when we went mad for organic? In 2002 the UK industry was estimated to be worth £1 billion. Galvanised by a pesticide-free product that promised better taste and nutritional value, champions of organic produce threw serious shade on the intensive agricultural practices used by ‘conventional’ farming.  In our latest thought piece, we unpack the latest trends in conscious consumerism before we look to the future...


5 Ways To Act Like A Challenger And Stay Ahead In 2019

Being a challenger brand is where it’s at today. Start ups are revolutionising categories that have remained unchanged for decades, in the process inspiring devotion in their customers. Adopting challenger behaviours isn’t just for the underdog. If you want to survive in today’s consumer-centric economy acting challenger can give you relevancy and add value. Want to act like a challenger? Here are five ways to do it.


Effweek in reflection: An opinion by Nicole Kirkland

If I can be so bold as to say it, I’m a fountain of information at the moment.


How knackered CEOs can survive adland’s permanent revolution

Company CEOs rarely receive a good press. The UK government recently announced a new governance code that will require listed companies to publish the pay gap between their chief executive and the average British worker. A response to the howls of protest that chief executive pay is out of control and CEOs over-valued.


Why it’s time for marketers to act like producers

The growing relationship between brands and the entertainment world is a big theme once again at Cannes


The world’s given up on advertising – why not try oddvertising?

How reassuring to see the Cannes juries last week recognize and reward the antithesis to the vacuity of perfume advertising. Kenzo’s playful ‘Mutant Brain’ campaign picked up ten Lions across a number of categories, having successfully stuck two fingers up to its peers.


The changing role of Non-Executive Directors

Justin Cooke discusses the changing role of Non-Executive Directors


I have 90 seconds to move you

And I promise you I will.


Why content activism can save brands from the tyranny of always-on

Let's replace the always-on content approach with one where you don't say anything unless it's meaningful and backs the brand purpose.


Adland's borders reach further than London

Drop the regional tag and give the marketing and ad companies outside the capital their fair share of the limelight, writes Southpaw's managing director.


Why 2017 Will Mark the Death of the Millennial

Tom Poynter, Group Managing Director of Southpaw discusses why he thinks 2017 will be the death of the millennial.