Breaking category norms to reach new audiences


The hypebeasts of the Undercover world appreciate design that doubles as cultural artefacts. This passion extends a halo of intrigue and desire to audiences further along the adoption curve.


With knowledge as the new cultural currency, the lore and stories underlying the product are as important as the product itself.


Designer Jun Takahashi, with roots in Shibuya and a long time regular at Paris fashion week, seeks to peel back the facade of the mundane to reveal the layers beneath in all that he does.


The Hidden City: Paris, Tokyo

In a sea of car campaigns featuring the same generic characters driving in the same generic cities, we created an underground metropolis where contrasting cultures overlap: A hidden city that was home to the AYGO X Undercover


We cast 3 ambassadors as our Hidden Citizens. They came to life both IRL and via online avatars, so they could enter the immersive world of Paris, Tokyo, home of the AYGO X Undercover. Like a map of Jun Takashi’s mind, the hidden city featured the iconography his fans worship – ‘Easter eggs’ they could discover as they followed the path of the car, from Takahashi’s shipping container office in the heart of Shibuya to cultural artefacts he had created over time.

Launch Paris fashion week after party


Toyota x Undercover

Toyota wanted to grow brand reputation and extend to new audiences in the European market for its first collaboration for AYGO X, with the culturally subversive brand Undercover.

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