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A beautifully imperfect campaign

The situation

Studio London Cosmetics is Superdrug’s biggest own brand launch and their first own brand cosmetics launch since 2017. Targeted at Gen Z consumers with diversity and inclusivity woven into the fabric of the brand, we needed to consider how we can launch the range with maximum impact in a seriously cluttered market.

With accessibility, flexibility and self expression at its core, Studio London was always going to shine; the creative platform just needed the swagger to match.

The solution

A beautifully imperfect campaign

Gen Z, the target consumer, is a generation fatigued by perfection and beauty ideals. Unlike generations before, they seek a life free from the constraint of societal standards. More than ever, they’re free to experiment and look however they want. And whoever they want to be today doesn’t have to be who they’re going to be tomorrow.

Enter, Studio London – giving everyone access to premium quality products, at a price where they’re more than happy to pay, and play. Diversity and inclusivity has always been at the heart of everything Superdrug offers and this campaign, created by Team Eleven, is no different. 

By positioning the brand as wholly inclusive, it becomes a launchpad for creativity. Studio London isn’t a makeup range; it’s an artist’s palette, fuel for creative expression, the tools to create truly unique looks that reflect each and every individual personality

Models were selected and photographed to reflect the impressive diversity of the range’s foundation shades. Make-up looks were chosen to showcase models’ features and the flexibility of multi-function cosmetics – a further nod to maximising value. Shots were directed to allow a raw and authentic feel, with minimal retouching letting each model’s idiosyncrasies (freckles, adult acne, etc) shine through. For all these reasons, images were shot up close and personal, each model wearing two looks, embracing the multifunctionality of the range and encouraging you to experiment as much or as little as you like.

With the new “I AM ____” campaign, we throw away the rulebook and let loose. Free to play and explore, the platform promotes self-expression and experimentation with an affordable and ethical make-up range. In ‘I AM…’ our team delivered a flexible voice that can shout everything from brand personality in ATL and in-store to product/sustainability creds to shelf-edge pricing.

Out-sold next-best selling line by 2:1 at launch

Working with Team Eleven on launching Studio Cosmetics was a step change project for us. Bringing passion, creativity and a thorough understanding of the Customer, they delivered a great launch campaign.

Sarah Jenkins, Head of Own Brand Quality, Superdrug

We’re so happy with the launch campaign that Team Eleven have delivered for our Studio Cosmetics brand. The campaign messaging is really strong, visually impactful and ultimately aligns perfectly with our brand values.

Nicola Mckenna, Marketing Manager, Superdrug


Superdrug | Studio London launch

Studio London is Superdrug’s biggest own-brand cosmetics launch in five years. The range is pitched to proudly support individuality, diversity and the freedom to be creative. The creative launch platform just needed the swagger to match.

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