Weber Shandwick x That Lot



  • Brand strategy
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Social


We believe that what is most valued and most enduring isn’t simply given, or bought – it’s earned.

And when it comes to brands, this is no different. In a world of complexity, convergence, media fragmentation and apathy; to earn value, you have to contribute value.

Introducing Weber Shandwick x That Lot. Combining creativity, cultural relevance and media and social expertise we exist to solve any brand challenge across the earned spectrum – from content to events to influencers to press office. So whether you need to earn attention, column inches, likes and shares, brand love, more eyeballs, more fame and ultimately more sales – we have the expertise to make it a reality.

As key parts of The Weber Shandwick Collective, we are the world’s leading earned-first network. So let’s discuss why earning your way is the only way.