Christopher Kenna

CEO & Co-Founder Brand Advance


Christopher Kenna is CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance (BA), a company which connect brands with diverse audiences globally, through insights, media and creative that more authentically engages these communities. Chris is also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at OUTvertising, the Advertising industry Lobbying Group and as a mixed race, out gay father, is a strong advocate for diversity and representation within the media and advertising industry. Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur having recently received the Innovator of the Year Award at the second annual Ex-Forces in Business Awards and was shortlisted for Chief Executive of the Year at the Inclusive Companies Awards.

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Why can’t brands speak to both my kids?

By Christopher Kenna

Christopher Kenna, CEO & Co-Founder of Brand Advance explores the digital media landscape, brand safety and keyword blocking and invites brands to consider how they can reach every community.

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