Georgina Wilson-Powell

Journalist, Editor, Publisher & Founder pebble


Journalist, editor and publisher Georgina Wilson-Powell, is the UK’s number one consumer sustainability expert on what our mass consumption is doing to the planet and the importance of how we can all make ‘small’ changes at home to really make a difference. She’s the founder and editor of pebble, the leading online sustainable living magazine, which gives tips on how to reduce overconsumption and live ethically by using positive storytelling in a bid to shift social attitudes about sustainable living. In her book ‘Is It Really Green?’, out in January 2021, Georgina cuts through the confusion to give you the facts to help make informed ethical decisions to reduce your ecological impact. Originally from Framlingham in Suffolk, Georgina has lived in Birmingham, London and Dubai but a year ago, Georgina and her partner Beth bought a do-er upper flat in Margate where they live with their cockapoo Maggie. And yes, they have refurbished their home with recycled material and second-hand furniture.

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Not the Year Ahead: Sustainability

By Georgina Wilson-Powell

With or without a pandemic, conscious consumers are still calling for changes that will help them make better purchasing decisions in line with their values, writes Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder of pebble.

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