Henry Chappell, Pitch Marketing Group

Founding Partner


Henry launched Pitch in 2002 with a belief that for brands to pitch to consumers in an increasingly cluttered world they need to be authentically involved in things that people love, such as sport or entertainment. He believed that by being culturally relevant, brands could stand out from their competitors, and be distinctive. He has since built Pitch into a pioneering and award-winning marketing agency that has created campaigns for some of the world's best consumer brands, sports properties and media organisations. Henry maintains as much passion and enthusiasm for the business today as he did when he started the agency.

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Creativity gives sponsorship a kick

By Henry Chappell, Pitch Marketing Group

In 2018, the World Cup proved once and for all that, if you want to reach huge audiences around huge global events, you really don’t need to pay rights holders a huge fee to become a sponsor.

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