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A marketing communications strategist and a co-founder of Stratford-based Eagle London, Philip’s core expertise is in helping advertisers embrace diversity – and work with (rather than against) the cultural sensitivities of ethnic consumers in Britain. The agency’s cultural competence consultancy, Eagle Eye, will launch in October, and it will aim to build on the agency’s expertise in running focus groups embedded in ethnic (particularly Black) communities. Philip is also well-connected in Ghana – and he has compelling insights on the cultural and business relationships that underscore Britain’s relationship not just with that country but with West Africa generally. His client portfolio includes work for: dentsu x, Facebook, Toyota, ACCA, various UK Local Authorities, Kaleidoscope Trust, and the Government of Ghana.

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Isn’t it about time we had a programme of positive discrimination in the British ad industry?

Philip Osei-Hwere is the managing director of Eagle London, the UK’s leading Black-owned tech and production agency, on why now is the time for action. Author: Philip Osei-Hwere

By Philip Osei-Hwere

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