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Richard uses his skills as an anthropologist to help global brands embed themselves in local culture. He serves as the global head of planning at Geometry UK. He is the author of the humorous book, Save Your Soul: Work in Advertising.

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Thought Leadership

Why you should never have a 'target audience'

The terms ‘target’, ‘audience’ and ‘consumer’ have a subtle, pervasively negative impact on all our brand marketing. By being aware of this and placing our focus instead on well-founded human insights, we can develop a productive empathy for the people we want to buy our brands.

By Richard Wise, Geometry UK

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What the “irrational” Brexit Party teaches us about the failure of the “rational” benefit of remaining

What’s rational is rarely what’s human. Which is why however rational the Remain idea was, it’s gone. Because something with more tribal and human appeal was presented in a way that captured the popular imagination.

By Richard Wise, Geometry UK

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