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Coca-cola celebrates the power of community at Christmas

Coca-cola and DenstuMB release a heartwarming festive slot showcasing the power of togetherness

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


The release of the Coca-Cola Christmas ad truly signifies that the holidays are coming. 

This year, the brand has teamed up with DentsuMB to create the film, ‘Real Magic - Chimney’, a heartwarming spot showing the power of community at Christmas time. 

The film tells the story of a young boy who lives in the lower floors of a tower block and therefore doesn’t have a chimney. The boy, realising that Father Christmas needs a chimney to deliver his goods and after looking longingly at his fireplace-less walls, decides to take matters into his own hands and begins to build a make-shift chimney out of cardboard boxes from his window to the building's roof.

During this epic build project, the boy gains help first from his mum, then from friendly neighbours who are inspired by his efforts and have the chimney wrap through their flats. Until eventually members of the wider community all band together to ensure that Santa has a place to enter. 

The film’s accompanying soundtrack builds dramatically as the chimney increases in size until the building's security guard catches wind of the project. Instead of condemning the community's efforts, the security guard completes the chimney with one final coca-cola cardboard box.

In a heartwarming ending the community lights up the chimney with fairy lights and the boy uses the shute to deliver a present in a neat red box to his isolated elderly neighbour. As the community sits down to a hearty Christmas feast the creative ends with the line “The holidays are magic when we share them.”

Whilst the last year or more saw the world endure an era of social distancing, the importance of community continued to prevail throughout. This Christmas, the idea of togetherness has never been more important and this campaign from Coca-cola showcases what can be achieved when communities pull together, highlights the fun in spending time with others and reminds audiences to think of those within the community that might be more isolated at this time of year. 

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