Uber Eats delivery is ready for Iftar

The campaign from Mother London capitalises on sunset times to serve customers observing the holy month of Ramadan

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


A new campaign from Uber Eats celebrates customers observing the month of Ramadan by showing that the delivery brand is ready for Iftar.

Iftar is the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims held every day during Ramadan at Sunset. In Uber Eat's latest campaign from Mother London, the food delivery service shows that it is ready to take orders to be delivered for when the fast is over. 

The campaign places food front and centre and features food photography that makes the dishes look both bold and mouthwatering. The campaign features different signature iftar dishes popular with Muslim people across the UK and from different global Islamic regions which include watermelon, fattoush, sheesh and dates. 

On top of the tasty images, the campaign reads ‘Itar Incoming’ along with the time of the sunset for that day. The dynamic campaign capitalises on the fact that each Iftar begins at slightly different times depending on the date and location. 

"Our new Ramadan campaign creative not only celebrates the amazing dishes that are at the heart of Iftar dinners but also reminds our Muslim customers with date and city-specific Iftar times so they can schedule their deliveries for enjoying delicious Iftar meals", explained Can Akar, Head of EMEA Marketing at Uber.

To ensure that each iteration of the campaign is accurate Mother has created different variations of the campaign and made use of savvy media buys such as dynamic digital Out Of Home (OOH). Each day the OOH executions will be updated with new sunset timings for each specific location.

The campaign connects with audiences by demonstrating both a cultural and practical understanding. It successfully communicates helpful reminders of Iftar timings, whilst also showcasing the array of treats Uber Eats has on offer.


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