Thought Leadership

What marketers have learned from the coronavirus crisis

In a dedicated trend report, we wrap up key insights and learnings from marketers across the creative industry, from a year of unforeseen challenges.


If there was ever a year in which we can collectively agree the folly of making lofty predictions on the future of the marketing and creativity industries it was 2020. Let’s be honest, at the start of 2020 adapting to the demands of a global pandemic was not at the top of any marketers to do list.

So, as we emerge blinking from a year like no other, it would be remiss not to consider what we have learned. Not to make absolute predictions of what lies ahead, but instead embrace the mindset that Sarah Ellis, Co-Founder of Amazing If, describes so eloquently as the shift from “plans to possibilities.” With those possibilities in mind, we've pulled together some of the key learnings from across the industry to fuel you with fresh possibilities for the year ahead. 

The trend report includes:

  • Posing the question, has marketing reached the pinnacle of purpose with Live Nation
  • How end-to-end customer experience rose up the agenda for Deliveroo
  • Uber highlights how brand behaviour is being increasingly scrutinised
  • Highlights from the brand-defining, culture-shifting #Wombstories campaign from Essity
  • Flight Centre demonstrated the power of marketing throughout the crisis
  • How Carlsberg is looking to redefine the client agency relationship

As well as conversations about the rise of DTC, a revolution in remote working and the importance of rethinking the parameters of sustainability in business.

Read it, share it. We hope it informs and inspires you into the New Year.

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