Fuelling the flames of curiosity

Grace Finney

Marketing Executive


A well-read, but ever important piece, The Harvard Business School’s business case for curiosity reminds us that during uncertain times, “when we are curious, we view tough situations more creatively.” And we're with them, waving that curiosity flag high. 

Curiosity is a lifeline in the creative industry, yet it has the tendency to be seen as a side project. The top fear? That it encourages risk-taking, increases inefficiency, and leads to more disagreements. 

Yet the case for a workplace without curiosity is a weak one. Not only because it’s a terribly boring way to approach our industry, but 92% of people in a Harvard Business Review survey credited curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction, motivation, innovation, and high performing and more-adaptable firms. And if 2020 taught us anything, it's that being adaptable is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity as we continue to feel the rifts of the pandemic coming into the new year.

When we are curious, we view tough situations more creatively

Harvard Business School

So what does it mean for those curiously minded? The research from HBR recognises two main benefits from creating a culture where the curious feel at home; fewer decision-making errors and reduced group conflict. By generating alternatives we can expect to reduce confirmation bias and stereotyping, and taking interest in one another’s ideas avoids focusing only on your own perspective.

As stay at home messaging keeps us solo working from pop-up studies, kitchen tables, or even the corridor, and while homeschooling makes its return, it raises the question: how do we still connect with the industry and fuel our team's curiosity?

The creative industry can expect better times to come — but to thrive, they must get the balance right now between immediate ROI and the short term, and a culture where the curious are at home.

How we help our clients 

Through a mix of content, tools, and industry insight, the Creativebrief platform gives our clients a single destination to help teams navigate the creative landscape. Our informative and inspirational content includes agency case studies, editorial trends, and market analysis. Crucially though, we also supply our clients with the tools to put all of this into practice and build a high performing marketing team. 

Ultimately, this creative knowledge can give you a commercial advantage over your competition in 4 key ways:

1. Setting your marketing team up for success

  • Empower your team by driving a culture of curiosity, resulting in them making bolder and braver decisions and pushing boundaries. 

  • Foster a culture of creativity to drive business performance. Research from McKinsey shows that those companies who prioritise creativity and innovation perform better in financial KPIs, with 67% showing above average organic revenue growth


2. Helping you navigate the industry landscape

  • Our editorial platform, BITE, delivers content that champions those brands and agencies making a difference. As we navigate the current climate, it’s more important than ever for your team to remain outward looking; to reflect on their performance and to gain inspiration and insight from those in and outside of your sector

  • Our content offers practical tips on topics such as keeping teams connected, running a remote agency pitch, and supporting wellbeing and mental health

  • Our unique position in the market allows us to drive industry dialogue and monitor trends around how brands and agencies are behaving and changing, through surveys, press articles and ongoing discussions within the industry, which we distil into actionable content for our members


3. Stay connected to the industry

  • Explore over 11,500 pieces of work, case studies, trends, interviews and thought leadership articles to keep up to date with the industry, spark ideas and encourage curiosity

  • Weekly personalised content alerts deliver the latest breaking work and campaigns from the brands and sectors you are interested in, straight to your inbox

  • Navigate a complex agency landscape, which is especially difficult at this time. Discover agency profiles from the big names to progressive, new emerging agencies and the world according to them - something integral to knowing if they’re the partner for you


4. A range of tools at your fingertips

  • The pinboard allows teams to share creative vision and work that has inspired them both in and outside of their industry. As we find ourselves back working remotely, it is more important than ever to bridge the distance by speaking the same creative language, both internally and with agencies

  • Our online agency search tool allows marketers to run agency reviews remotely. The tool filters the agency market, assessing profiles and capabilities to shortlist agencies, then using video conferencing for chemistry sessions and workshops to move through the pitch process and appoint the right agency for your brief

  • The events hub rounds up all agency events and webinars in one place, providing you with access to the industry’s leading events, as well as insight papers with key takeouts


To find out more or sign up today, please get in touch on +44 (0)20 7478 8200 or email brandteam@creativebrief.com

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